Dallas Sexual Harassment Lawyer The sexual harassment actions include the sexual favor, verbal sex and the sexual advances. The dallas sexual harassment lawyer helps the employees to overcome the harassments in the workplace for both men and women. There are two types of the harassments one is the physical abuse and the other is the non physical abuse. First the employees can complain to the higher department and when they are compelled for the activity then they are made to move towards Kevin Madison, attorney, 512-708-1650, 13062 Highway 290 West, Austin, TX 78737. The accused may be the higher authority but you have to complaint to the right attorney so that they will fight for your rights. Unnecessary sexual behavior will be warned at first and they will be treated severely if the same continues. Most of the people will complaint for the sexual harassment that happens in the work place for all the alleged incidents. The lawyers will make the right kind of the cross examinations and get the justice for the affected people. The troubling employee will be fired for the harassment and the cases will be scheduled for many periods and it will drag. The accused will be treated as the criminal defense and they will not be suited for the good conduct in their work places. The sexual harassment can be filed under many ways depending on the type of the harassment with the employee and it also happens in the public places and the hostile environment.